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Healing and Transformational Private Sessions

~Offered anywhere in the world via Skype, phone, or in person~

My one-on-one offerings are for
YOU if any of the below are true…

heart You are struggling with feelings, experiences, and patterns
(shame, depression, low self esteem, repetitive relationship challenges,
anger, grief, trauma, anxiety, disempowerment, isolation, a lack
of fulfillment, inspiration, and purpose, regular fatigue, an unhealthy
relationship with food and your body, etc.) and you want to
be free to experience a deeply satisfying, meaningful, joyful, whole
life you love. (You CAN be free, and I will be with you every
step of your beautiful and exciting journey!)

heart You are experiencing a physical challenge or concern
and are looking to accelerate your body's innate
healing abilities, experience pain relief, clear toxins,
uncover and clear the emotional root, and/or
journey home to your body's natural state of balance.

heart You want to savor deep luxurious relaxation.

heart You want to enjoy an expansive spiritual experience.

heart You know there is more to life (YES, there is!) but don’t know
how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

heart You’ve had painful experiences in your life you’ve
never really faced, embraced, and fully healed from.
(They are holding you back from living your best life,
they won’t just go away on their own, and it is
never too late to Heal and Be shine!)

heart You’ve tried making changes on your own, and the
changes aren’t happening quickly enough or at all.
(We’ll make the healing easy, quick, lasting, and fun!)

heart You want to feel more joy, energy, ease, inspiration, and intimately
connected to yourself and others. (You wholeheartedly will!)

heart You are hungry to grow, transform, and thrive in all areas of your life.
(YES! This investment is priceless and one you’ll never regret.)


What do sessions include?

In my private healing sessions, I include a custom fit combination
of various healing modalities, including: Reiki, EFT
Freedom Technique),
Counseling, Transformational Life
Coaching, Matrix Reimprinting, Hypnotherapy,
and other
effective, gentle, exciting, life changing and cutting edge modalities
(details of Reiki, EFT, Life Coaching, and Counseling below).

Each session is specially and uniquely designed for YOU
and what you most need and desire during each session.


Appointments and Location

Appointments are available weekdays, evenings. and weekends. 
Gift certificates are available.  Sessions are held in complete
confidentiality and compassion. I see clients worldwide and sessions
can be held via phone, Skype, in person at our private Bloomington
home office (Eartheart Institute), or anywhere else you prefer.
Please contact me at


More details about Reiki,
EFT, Transformational Life
Coaching, and Counseling...

Reiki is a simple, effective, non-invasive, and powerful form of energy
healing. Reiki involves a practitioner placing his or her hands directly
above or lightly on the body (clients remain fully clothed), typically for 1-5
minutes in each position. Reiki accelerates the body’s innate healing abilities,
strengthens the immune system, relieves pain, creates balance, clears toxins,
enhances personal awareness, relaxes, promotes creativity, opens the heart,
treats both symptoms and causes of illness, releases blocked and suppressed
feelings, aids spiritual practice, and much more.  Reiki is used in prestigious
hospitals throughout the world.  It originated in Japan in the late 1800’s with
a man named Mikao Usui. Reiki compliments all other forms of healing.

You don't need to be experiencing a challenge to greatly benefit from Reiki.
Some clients schedule sessions simply for relaxation, spiritual rejuvenation,
balancing, greater peace, heart opening, mental calm, and more.

Plus, Reiki feels blissfully wonderful!

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Designed by Gary Craig, EFT is a form of psychological acupressure
that uses a gentle tapping technique to clear the emotional roots of a myriad of
challenges. EFT belongs to the vastly growing field of Energy Psychology.
EFT appears to work for even the most difficult of cases where
nothing else has. Many regard EFT as a breakthrough in psychology
and personal growth. It can dramatically relieve emotional disturbances
along with many physical symptoms. It often works within minutes,
and its positive results are usually long lasting, if not permanent.
EFT has been used successfully with thousands of people with a broad
range of difficulties. Some of these include but are not limited to:
fears, depression, anxiety, phobias, weight loss, addictions, limiting
beliefs, relationship obstacles, physical pain, panic attacks, grief, public
speaking, stress, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, eating disorders, dis-ease,
allergies, sports performance, trauma, headaches, and so much more.
EFT and other Meridian Tapping Techniques are among the most
effective, efficient, quick, gentle, lasting, and seemingly miraculous
techniques that thousands of therapists and life coaches have ever seen.
Learn lots more about the wonders of EFT at

Transformational Life Coaching
and Counseling

I am here to help you get from wherever you
are to exactly where you want to be ~ with
compassion, lasting effectiveness, grace, and ease.

spiral Not sure what you really want or need? We'll start
there and get crystal clarity on what you ultimately
desire and need to live your greatest, healed, whole,
vibrant, happy, and dynamic life. Together, we'll
articulate a vision of where you'd love to be at the end
of our sessions. Your healing and transformational goals
will be our guiding light throughout our journey together,
and it will be so beautiful and exciting to see you make
your vision a true reality! What would you love to be true,
to experience, to feel, to have in your life?

spiral How do Transformational Life Coaching and counseling
work together? Through a combination of both of these
modalities, we are able to work with both the WHY and
the HOW. The why allows you to understand yourself, to
recognize what has and hasn't worked in your life (and why!),
to feel intimately connected to your personal life story, and
to experience and develop tremendous personal growth,
awareness, and awakening. The how allows you map out the
vision for how your life can be different (in the most magnificent
of ways!). During and between every session, you will have
many opportunities to actively create the life of your dreams
and one of freedom, wholeness, peace, and joy.

spiral Your past challenges can either hold you back or
offer tremendous opportunities to grow and benefit you
for the rest of your life. We will make sure it's the latter!

spiral We will identify and release whatever holds you
back from achieving your goals and living the life of
your heart's desire and greatest dreams.

spiral Achieve your transformational goals. Whether it is
losing 30 pounds, getting started on a new career,
deepening your intimate relationship, creating financial
abundance, following your heart's calling, cultivating
everyday joy, healing from addictive patterns, or
infusing your life with a vibrant boost of inspiration
and aliveness in uniquely meaningful ways,
Transformational Life Coaching and counseling
can make all the difference.

spiral Recognize and live your vast potential. It's your choice
to live a radiantly joyful, empowered, and deeply
satisfying life ~so why not choose it?!

spiral Access your inner wisdom with more
clarity and brilliance than ever.

spiral Learn lifelong tools to thrive in all areas of your life.

spiral Transformational Life Coaching and counseling
with Christine almost always also includes EFT
and/or Reiki (unless you prefer otherwise), helping
you achieve your transformational goals as quickly,
easily, effectively, and permanently as possible!


Your Healing and Transformation Investment
Free 20-minute consultations! Email

Individual Sessions
(Including custom combo of Reiki, EFT, Hypnotherapy,
Matrix Reimprinting, and Counseling/Coaching)

1 hour - $125
1.5 hours -$175
2 hours - $225

I lovingly invite you to consider...
What is the cost of not scheduling a session?

I celebrate, honor, and acknowledge you for
making an investment in the most precious
and invaluable part of your life ~ YOU! 

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