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Welcome to the JOY of Laughter Yoga!

In this video, I share...
- Where did Laughter Yoga come from?
- Why do I LOVE Laughter Yoga?
- What are the benefits?
- Why is it called yoga?
- What does a Laughter Yoga session look like?

Laughter Yoga video

What is Laughter Yoga?

heart Developed by Dr. Kataria in 1995 as an incredibly
fun and effective “wellbeing workout,” Laughter Yoga has
become a worldwide phenomenon practiced in 70+ countries. 
Delight in a variety of laughter exercises, yogic breathing,
and laughter meditation, guaranteed to release stress and
tension, open your heart, calm your mind, boost your health,
and joyfully infuse your life with an abundance of peace and
positive energy.  Laughter Yoga does not involve jokes, humor,
or comedy, and many studies have proven simulated laughter
has the same truly remarkable psychological and physical benefits
as "real" laughter (and simulated laughter often quickly becomes
wholeheartedly "real" laughter).  Practice the enlightening
art of spiritual play, and learn to laugh for no reason! 

Laughter Yoga smiles

Enliven your life with health
and happy hormones!

What are some of the benefits of Laughter Yoga?

heart Boosts the immune system
heart Energizes and revitalizes
heart Relaxes the mind
and muscles
heart Releases endorphins
heart Decreases stress hormones (it is physiologically
impossible to be stressed while laughing)
heart Oxygenates our cells
heart Lowers blood pressure
heart Greatly aids digestion
heart Supports the respiratory system
heart Ignites metabolism
heart Massages our inner organs
heart Improves circulation
heart Transforms our attitude
heart Connects us with ourselves and each other
heart Brings us fully into the present moment
heart Increases productivity
heart Allows us to rediscover our playful spirits
heart Brings laughter back into our daily lives
heart Brings peace, through laughter, to our planet
heart Facilitates awareness of our profound mind-body connection
heart Releases and transforms anger, frustration, and discouragement
heart There are countless stories of tremendous benefit for those with
heart disease, cancer, asthma, depression, and so much more.

Doctors, psychologists, and scientists
alike are now proving laughter
really is the best medicine.

Laughter Yoga smiles

Open your heart,
and awaken your joy!

What does a Laughter Yoga session look like?
heart We begin by taking time to center, ground, arrive in
body, mind, heart, and spirit, and become present to
receive all of the many gifts and blessings available to
us during the Laughter Yoga session.
heart We warm up with light stretching and breathing exercises.
heart I lead the group through a variety of delightful, playful, and
heart-opening Laughter Yoga exercises, connecting
with and enJOYing yourself, others, and each present moment.
heart We ground in between exercises to chant "Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha."
heart We join in a Laughter Yoga meditation and allow
laughter to flow freely from our hearts in an
infinite wellspring of uninhibited joy.

*Dressing comfortably is encouraged.

Laughter Yoga smiles

We will give you an abundance
of reasons to laugh for no reason!

Who attends Laughter Yoga?
heart Laughter Yoga is practiced by people of all ages and cultures.
It can be found in yoga studios, healing centers, corporations,
business conferences, schools, nonprofit staff retreats,
hospitals, cancer care centers, nursing homes, prisons,
clubs, camps, women's circles, fitness gyms,
family gatherings, parties...anywhere!

Laughter Yoga smiles

It is impossible to participate in
Laughter Yoga and not feel entirely
uplifted, energized, and renewed. It's an unavoidable biological response!

Laughter Yoga smiles

"My experience with Christine and Laughter Yoga was
truly amazing to say the least!!!  From the first night,
I was energized, revitalized, and pleasantly surprised at
the physical exercise I received.  In the four weeks I
was in the class, I had more loving, laughing, and
intoxicating energy than I could have ever expected!!! 
I felt alive, inspired, and connected with my inner playful
child!!  I am excited waiting for the next classes to start!!!"

Becky Lamb

"Christine has such a beautiful spirit about her and while
she facilitates the Laughter Yoga sessions, you can't
help but feel the warm, loving and accepting space
she provides while doing this!  Laughter Yoga is a way one can
feel completely free to express themselves in any way they
choose in a fun and nonjudgmental way.  Laughter Yoga
helps one to explore their own creativity and imagination
in playful exercises.  Laughter Yoga is really for ANYONE who
wants to just 'let go' and revisit the joy of life's pleasures."

Tammy Hester

Laughter Yoga smiles

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