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Center for Thriving Relationships

Christine and Bret Eartheart

Thrive in Love Couples Retreat
Learn the Essential Tools to Create the
Relationship You've Always Wanted

February 11-12, 2017
9:30-6:30 each day

Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center
3655 Snoddy Road, Bloomington, IN

$350 per couple (early bird)
$395 per couple (regular)
* payment plans available

Co-Facilitated by Bret and Christine Eartheart
and offered by the Center for Thriving Relationships

For most of us, our intimate relationship
is the most important part of our life.

However, have you fully learned
the necessary tools to experience deeply
fulfilling, passionate, and lasting love?

Join us to take your relationship to a whole
new level of what's possible.  Grow, learn,
play, be inspired and transformed, fall in
love all over again, and awaken your
wondrous capacity to THRIVE in LOVE!


Is this weekend for you? 

Do you know your relationship has
so much potential but not know
how to tap into it?

Do you find yourselves getting stuck in the same 
conversation or argument over and over (most
couples have the same argument for 40+ years!)?

Does it sometimes feel like you and your
partner are on completely different
pages or want different things?

Do you get caught in power struggles?

In some areas, are your needs unmet?  
Do you sometimes feel unsatisfied and long for more?

Would you love to have tools to move
through conflict a lotmore easily and quickly?

Do you yearn for a deeper connection?

Do you feel resentful, frustrated, angry,
or discouraged by something your
partner does or doesn’t do?

Do you keep hoping your partner will change?

Would you love to understand why
your partner sometimes acts
the way she or he does?

Does it sometimes feel like your
relationship brings out your worst,
rather than best?

Are you worried you’ve
compromised or sacrificed too much?

Are some topics, like sex and money,
uncomfortable or avoided altogether?

Would you love to have more FUN together?

When you are together, are you or 
your partner often distracted?

Do you sometimes feel attracted to
other people and not know what to do with it?

Would you love to experience lasting
and ever-increasing intimacy and passion?

Do you unofficially keep score of
who did more and who’s to blame?

Do you sometimes feel misunderstood
and unappreciated?

Are you tired of thinking problems,
no matter how big or small, will
go away on their own...and are ready
to transform them once and for all
(avoidance is one of the top predictors of
divorce in married couples)?

Do you wish you could communicate
with each other more effectively (rather than
in ways that lead to misunderstanding,
defensiveness, and someone feeling hurt)?

Are you already in a positive relationship,
and the idea of a thriving relationship
excites, intrigues, and allures you?!

Are you long overdue for a weekend
solely to focus on your precious love?


If you answered YES to any or most
of these, rest assured, you aren’t alone.  


In fact, you are like most couples on the
planet.  It doesn’t mean you’ve failed
whatsoever or that your relationship is doomed. 
It simply means you haven’t (yet!) been given the
instruction manual or support you need to
experience your thriving potential. 

Falling in love is easy, and anyone can do it.  
Staying and growing in love requires a set of tools
most of us never learn in school or anywhere else. 
The great news is that your partnership likely
has more potential than your wildest dreams,
and the tools are available to you now!


This is for couples of all kinds
and in every stage of the journey:

You are in a new relationship you want to
make the most of and be sure lasts. 

We honor and celebrate you!  You get
to save yourself from countless
moments of stress and heartache.

- You are currently experiencing some
challenges in your relationship.  

This will be an amazing opportunity to restore
loving connection, experience healing, transformation
and breakthroughs, and learn an abundance
of tools to help you for the rest of your life.

- You are in a positive relationship and
are looking to share a beautiful weekend
growing together.  
Join us and get inspired
to take your love to a whole new level!


In this weekend, you will:

- Learn the most common relationship
and how to avoid them.

- Compassionately discover the fears, pain, needs,
and dreams underneath the challenges you experience.

- Co-create an inspiring relationship vision
that excites and inspires you both.

- Learn effective ways of communicating
so both of you feel deeply seen and heard.

- Get a “Relationship First Aid Kit”
to pull from whenever you need it
(before, during, or after an argument).

- Gain insights on how to best love,
support, and satisfy
your partner.

- Learn easy “Relationship Oneders,”
tools to instantly return to the wonder of connection.

- Finally understand why your partner
does and says the things she or he does.

- Reignite passion, romance, vibrancy,
and aliveness
in your union. 

- Build a solid foundation from which
to continually grow and thrive.

- Reveal each of your greatest strengths, gifts,
and contributions
and ensure each of you feels
appreciated, valued, and celebrated. 

- Learn how to make your
dreams come true together.

- Have an opportunity to fall in love
all over again
with your very best friend.

- Receive the “Thrive in Love” relationship
filled with exercises, tools,
and activities to use in daily life.

- Be inspired to co-create an intentional,
loving, conscious partnership
that leaves
you deeply satiated and fulfilled.

- Ignite a spirit of playfulness, togetherness,
and teamwork
in your union.

- Laugh together and delight in the joy 
of loving, conscious, thriving partnership!

- And SO much more!!!


For those wondering…

*Couples will not be required to share
anything publicly with the group and can
participate very privately if preferred.

* Couples who do wish to be more interactive
will have the opportunity to volunteer for
demonstrations (we highly recommend this!).

* The workshop will be a very safe space
where each individual will be fully honored. 
Every challenge is embraced with utmost
compassion and as a beautiful
opportunity to learn and grow.  

* We believe relationship transformation
and growth doesn’t have to be so scary and
painful and can even be FUN and full of joy,
relief, tremendous beauty, and playfulness!

* We guarantee you will leave the weekend
seeing yourself, your partner, and the world in
fresh, new, and illuminating ways that will
deeply serve you in every area of your
life for the rest of your life.

Register for Thrive in Love

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